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    Photo- An “electronic baby bottle” with a filter, an alarm, and a speaker to record the parents’ voices.. here is the latest innovations

    “Mother’s Friend” is an electronic medical bottle that was invented by Kuwaiti police officer Abdul Razzaq Ali Al-Foudari.

    Abdul Razzaq obtained a US patent with the support of the Sabah Al-Ahmad Center for Giftedness for his invention of this electronic feeding bottle. It saves time and effort on the mother, and is equipped with many features, including a filter that reduces the amount of gases that cause flatulence to the infant.

    The device also contains an alarm that informs the mother that the milk has expired after two hours, to avoid poisoning the child.

    It also contains a mixer that mixes milk powder with water well, and a heater that heats the mixture to the temperature of the mother’s milk, which is 37.4, according to “Al-Qabas.”

    Al-Foudry provided the device with a waterproof speaker, through which the voice of the father or mother can be recorded to calm the child, with the possibility of timing it with a specific sound, as well as a special port for charging the device anywhere, in addition to the shape of the device helps to allow child to hold it.

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