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    Jordan.. Representatives withdraw from the parliament session in protest against the signing of the “intentions” agreement with Israel

    Attorney Salih al-Armouti demanded, at the beginning of the Jordanian parliament’s session, today, Wednesday, that the officials who signed the “intentions” agreement “energy for water” with Israel and the UAE leave the parliament headquarters.

    Attorney Saleh al-Armouti said: “If they leave, I leave.”

    The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Abdel Karim Al-Daghmi, considered Armouti’s request a violation of the internal rules of the House of Representatives, which called on Armouti to leave the session.

    Al-Armouti’s request caused an uproar in today’s session, after the House of Representatives unanimously decided to set a special session with the government to discuss the “intentions” agreement.

    الأردن.. نواب ينسحبون من جلسة البرلمان احتجاجا على توقيع اتفاق

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