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    Youth Connection Cooking Event for Helping Kids

    Youth Connection Cooking event: serving Metro Detroit and fixing some delicious meals!

    Youth Connection Cooking event is an annual celebration where a group of police chiefs get together. Thus, such an event has a very noble mission just like their traditional mission of protecting and supporting the community. This year about 15 police departments from all over Metro Detroit participated in this event.

    Dearborn police chief, Ronald Haddad, was the star of the entire celebration exactly like last year. He not only prepared some delicious meals, but also was able to win for the second consecutive time the Chief Chef of 2017.

    Many well-known chefs and other members of various public safety department’s participated as well.

    By the end of the evening, Mr. haddad took on yet another task! He started to interview the participants along with our reporters at Dearborn.org.

    We would like to congratulate our police chief, our chef champion and the incredible human being Mr. Ronald Haddad is.

    In short, Youth Connection Cooking hosts good people and warm hearts to better serve Detroit and the children in the area.