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    He used 2 jokers for the Great Wall of China, the social media responded to the reactions

    At the ATV ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ program, Ay Ayhan named contestant “Where is the Great Wall of China?” the question has fallen to the language of social media when using two wilderness rights. Twitter is also the trend of ‘Chinese Greeting’. Su Ayhan responded to the criticism that came: I had three jokers, as my father used to do as I want!
    At the ATV Murat Yildirim’s ‘ Who Wants to be a Millionaire ‘ contest has had interesting moments. Ay Ayhan , a 26-year-old contestant who joined the contest from Istanbul, was surprised by both the presentation and the screen.
    Su Ayhan, a graduate of Bilgi University Economics Department, stated that he changed 6 jobs in 2 years. Question 4 ‘ Where is the Great Wall of China ?’ Ayhan, who encountered the question, wanted to use the audience joker by saying “I know the answer but I am a little bit now”.
    The contestant who used the first wildcard right to watch did not get the desired response. Only 51 percent of the sailors gave the Chinese answer, but contender Su Ayhan used the phone joker. Taking the Chinese response from a friend on the phone, Ayhan could continue racing by pointing the right chicago.
    Su Ayhan, the voice answer to the right answer, “Yasar Güvenir” instead of “Özdemir Erdogan” chose to buy a thousand TL was taken without racing. 
    There were many comments from the social media about the contestant. Twitter is also the trend of ‘Chinese Greeting’.

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