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    The Guardian: The British government offered asylum seekers from Afghanistan and Yemen a “safe return” to the homeland

    The Guardian newspaper revealed that the British government has told asylum seekers from some of the world’s largest conflict areas, such as Afghanistan and Yemen, that they can return to their homeland “safely”.

    The newspaper confirmed in a report published today, Thursday, that the British Foreign Office in June rejected the asylum request submitted by a 36-year-old Yemeni accountant, justifying this refusal by saying that this person can return to his homeland because British officials “do not believe that there are any problems in Yemen.” for him.

    The newspaper pointed out that this asylum seeker suffers from various physical and mental health problems, but the ministry, in its response to his request, stated that there is a “well-established health care program” in Yemen.

    The newspaper reported that the lawyers of this asylum seeker have submitted an appeal against the decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but the process is being hampered, and a date has not yet been set to consider his appeal.

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