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    Germany officially ends its military mission in Syria and extends the mandate of its forces in Iraq

    The German government decided to extend its military mission to fight ISIS in Iraq for a period of nine months, while officially ending its mission in Syria.

    And the German government announced in a statement issued yesterday, Wednesday, that it will continue its mission against “ISIS” with a focus on restoring stability in Iraq, explaining that the Council of Ministers approved the continued deployment of German forces in order to “ensure stability and prevent the reorganization of ISIS forces and contribute to reconciliation in Iraq.” .

    The government indicated that the new mandate granted until October 31, 2020 requires the deployment of up to 500 German soldiers in Iraq (as was the previous mandate), pointing out that this decision first needs to be approved by the German Parliament (Bundestag).

    The government pointed out that Germany is strengthening the security sector in Iraq within the framework of the NATO mission to this country, in addition to its participation in the operations of the international coalition led by the United States against ISIS.

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