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    Here are the best ways to store bread the right way

    Many people are ignorant of the healthy way to store bread, without knowing that poor storage of bread may affect its taste and texture.

    Here’s everything you need to know about storing bread the right way, as reported by The Times of India:

    How is bread stored?

    Traditionally, in Western countries, bread is stored in a special box in the kitchen, but with the passage of time this habit has changed for many and they are now storing bread in the refrigerator.

    In a report published in the journal Digital Health, Kimberly Baker, director of the Institute for Food Programs and Safety at Clemson University, says that refrigerating bread does not negatively affect the health benefits of bread, but it does make bread cold and unpleasant.

    The temperature of the refrigerator causes the starch in the bread to crystallize and lose moisture, making it dry and tough and giving it a stale flavour. How long can bread remain fit for consumption? According to Kimberly, the old-fashioned way of storing bread was a great idea because homemade bread can keep well, even at normal room temperature, for up to five days.

    And since commercially prepared bread comes with an expiration date of 5-7 days, it is best to consume the bread within a certain time frame or else you have to refrigerate it in all three to keep its freshness for a long time.

    What is the best way to store bread?

    Storing loaves of bread in an airtight container is an easy way to store bread. You can put the bread in the refrigerator by wrapping it in plastic wrap and making sure that there is no room for air or moisture to get in. Another way to keep the bread fresh is by gently wrapping the loaf in plastic wrap and then covering it with aluminum foil. This will also preserve the freshness and freshness of the bread.

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