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    Photos&Video- Outreach for peace and justice!

    Rabbi Yosroel Weiss and Rabbi Dovid Feldman
    Of the Haredi Jewish Community of NY visited some Islamic Centers in Michigan and OH today!
    Islamic House of Wisdom was one of the centers, they visited this morning. speaking with Imam Elahi, imam Kazerouni, imam Al-Husseini, Imam Arif, and a group of community activists including Imad Hamad.
    Rabbi Weiss gave a report about the doctrine of Haredi Jewish community about what happened in Palestine in 1948 and the following developments till today.
    The Rabbi distinguished between Judaism as a Divine religion and Zionism as a political entity. He rejected Zionism as an anti Jewish movement and condemned the occupation and injustice against the Palestinians.
    During the meeting imam Elahi highlighted the importance of dialogue and exchange of ideas and information between the faithful in both Muslims and Jewish communities for the sake of awareness and understanding of the truth.
    Imam Elahi emphasized that the Israeli practices and war crimes against the Palestinians in Gaza and other areas are not hurting the suffering Palestinians only, but hurting the true principles of justice, promoted by Moses (pbuh) in the Torah. They are crimes against Judaism.

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