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    A strange case.. A Yemeni child walks only after inhaling gasoline, and faints as soon as he stops it.”

    Yemeni media sources reported that a child from Hajjah Governorate, in the north of the country, “walks only after inhaling gasoline, and that he faints as soon as he stops it.”

    The child, Hamid Mansour Ibrahim Ali Taher Haidan, 12 years old, from the Mahabasha Bani Haidan area, works with fuel, and does not move except after inhaling gasoline. According to Yemeni sources, the child became addicted to inhaling gasoline as he works at gas stations in exchange for quantities of it.

    In the event that the petrol runs out, Hamid loses movement completely and is unable to walk. Then he loses consciousness and faints and falls to the ground.

    The incident sparked a wave of ridicule and widespread controversy, while others believe that the child has become addicted and must be presented to doctors for treatment.

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