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    In the winter… What are the foods that give warmth?

    When temperatures begin to drop rapidly, everyone is searching for the best ways to keep warm, including diet. Many healthy winter foods around us help to keep the body warm and also help to stay healthy in winter.
    Find out below.
    1 – Hot soup A bowl of hot soup is delicious as it is soothing to your body. What distinguishes the soup is that it is possible to mix different types of ingredients in the kitchen: vegetables, rice, noodles, chicken, meat… all of which are useful and healthy ingredients.

    2- Saffron It is easy to add saffron to your diet. It has multiple health benefits, as it contributes to raising the mood, reducing weight, and also has anti-cancer properties. You can simply add saffron to your diet by boiling saffron in milk and drinking it.

    3-Sesame seeds Sesame seeds are great for keeping you warm in the winter. It is consumed in different forms. These tiny seeds are a rich source of calcium and iron. It also has many health benefits as it improves skin health, promotes hair growth, and works great for treating respiratory disorders.

    4- Dry fruits One of the best winter foods to eat is dry fruits, such as apricots, dried figs, dates, almonds, and cashews. All of them will give you warmth and also enhance your immunity to fight diseases, especially as they are rich in nutrients, fiber and vitamins important for the body.

    5- Ginger Ginger is well known for its thermal and healing properties. Helps increase metabolism and increase blood flow. You can take raw ginger root with hot water. And do not forget to add some ginger to the usual tea to get its benefits.

    6- Honey Honey is widely used to combat cold, cough and flu. It is known that honey has many health benefits, as it treats many health problems such as those related to the digestive system, enhances immunity and benefits the skin.

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