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    Five terrorists stripped of Australian citizenship

    Five terrorists who travelled overseas to fight with Islamic State have been stripped of their Australian citizenship and will never be allowed back into the country.
    Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said the five dual-nationals had turned their backs on Australia by joining the notorious terror group in the Middle East.
    “I don’t want these people coming back, I want them to stay as far from our shores as possible,” Dutton told 2GB radio on Thursday
    “It depends on the individual cases, but certainly that’s the reality if what we’re dealing with,” he told 3AW radio.
    A total of six foreign fighters have now had their citizenship papers shredded for serving or fighting abroad alongside a declared terror organisation.
    The minister expects more foreign fighters who have travelled to Iraq and Syria to be cut adrift from Australia.
    “There are dozens of people that have gone across to the Middle East and some of them have been killed and some are still involved in action,” he said.
    “Through their own actions, they’ve effectively renounced their Australian citizenship, and they can then default back to their country of birth or the country that they had citizenship of otherwise.”
    A rarely-used piece of national security legislation allows the minister to automatically strip citizenship from dual nationals who “act contrary to their allegiance to Australia” by engaging in terror-related acts.
    International laws stop the extraordinary intervention being used on sole Australian citizens.
    “Cessation of Australian citizenship for dual nationals involved in terrorism is a key part of Australia’s response to international violent extremism and terrorism,” Mr Dutton said.
    “Our first priority is, and will always be, the safety and security of all Australians.”

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