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    96-Year-Old Indian Granny Passes Her First School Exam, Social Media Applauds

    A granny in southern India wrote her life’s first exam at the age of 96 and more important is the fact that Amma scored full marks in the reading section of the literacy test. She shot to fame overnight as people from across India started sharing her story on social media.
      India has a new social media sensation and she is special. 96-year-old Karthyayini Amma is the oldest known student to appear for an examination. She is part of her district’s literacy mission in Alappuzha, a small city in the state of Kerala.
    “Amma was calm and confident while she came to sit for her exams in Kanichenellur government Lower Primary School in Cheppad of Alappuzha,” Sathi, a teacher coordinator for the exam told local media after the exam. 

    ​The 96-year-old, who was tutored for over six months to take the exam, feels she studied too much for no reason. She seems fairly confident about acing the written round as well, Sathi added.

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