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    Wisconsin woman discovers neighbor is family

    People use that expression all the time to signify coincidences large and small – they bump into someone from their hometown in a far-off place, learn their dentist was a childhood friend of their father or end up sitting next to a co-worker at a Green Bay Packers game.
    But few small-world tales can match the serendipity experienced by Eau Claire residents Hillary Harris and Dawn Johnson, who were next-door neighbors – literally sharing the same driveway in a hometown they both adopted – when they discovered they are long-lost sisters.
    The story began in January 2017 when Dawn and her longtime partner, Kurt Casperson, decided to move from Greenwood to Eau Claire. After months of searching for houses, they submitted an offer on a small cottage-style “fixer-upper” on the west side.
    For various reasons, the closing was postponed three times, and Kurt was ready to give up. But Dawn persisted.
    “There was just something about this house that I liked,” said Dawn, who grew up in Loyal

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