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    Hero dog Mali gets animal Victoria Cross after suffering horror wounds in Afghanistan

    MALI the heroic military dog has been awarded the Animals’ Victoria Cross for his incredible courage after being blown up during a bitter Afghan firefight.
    The gallant malinois was hit by three grenade blasts and suffered horrendous wounds but never flinched from duty in the heat of battle.
    As bullets zipped and ricocheted, Mali led British troops from the front as they stormed an enemy stronghold on the Afghanistan frontline.
    For seven hours Mali went above and beyond the call of duty, being repeatedly hoisted up into the insurgents’ six-storey, heavily-defended lair to sniff out the enemy and their explosives, and give British troops vital milliseconds to engage in close quarters combat.
    Two grenade blasts badly wounded Mali’s chest and front legs, while a third that detonated close to his face knocked out a tooth and injured his right ear.


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