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    Moroccan Physicist Latifa Elouadrhiri Makes Ground-Breaking Nuclear Physics Discovery

    Moroccan physicist Latifa Elouadrhiri was the first to measure how pressure is distributed inside a proton. This discovery made quite the impression internationally in the world of science.
    Elouadrhiri and her colleagues at the American Jefferson Lab has opened up new fields of research to help solve the mysteries of the proton and the universe. In an article named “The pressure distribution inside the proton” published in American magazine “Nature,” the researches of the Moroccan scientist were revealed.
    The internatial proton that Elouadrhiri and her colleagues measured is the densest matter that scientists know of.
    “Prior to the 90s, the only thing we could study is one-dimensional structure of the proton. And in the 90s there were developments of new formalism that enabled us to connect electromagnetic processes to do three-dimensional structure of the proton,” said Elouadrhiri during her interview with the magazine.
    “So what we have we been doing prior to the 90s and 00s, is like we want to study the heart, and we are studying it through electrography, which is the process of just recording electrical activity of the heart that give us one-dimensional structure that tells us lots about the heart, but not everything,” she added.
    « Now with the heart, we have the medical 3D imaging technology that now allow the doctors to learn more in non-invasive manner, the structure of the heart. And this is what we want to do with the new generation of experiments, » added the researcher.

    Latifa Elouadrhiri is a Senior Staff Scientist in Hall B. The Moroccan researcher did most of her studies at Mohamed V University in Rabat before moving to France where she received her Ph.D. from the University of Clermont- Ferrand in 1992 for research on the nucleon axial form factor. She came to Jefferson Lab in in 1994, and joined the Hall B staff in 2001.


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