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    Saudi state carrier hit by system failure ahead of hajj

    Saudi Arabian Airlines says a system failure has resulted in disruption of flights, as the kingdom prepares to host the annual hajj pilgrimage.
    “Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) informs its valued guests about flight delays across the network due to an unforseen system issue,” the state-owned carrier said on late Tuesday (Aug 14).
    “As a result there are delays on some Saudia flights … the airline is taking all necessary measures to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.”
    The hajj, which is expected to draw more than two million pilgrims this year, represents a key rite of passage for Muslims and a massive logistical challenge for Saudi authorities.
    So far more than one million pilgrims have arrived in the kingdom, according to state media.
    The hajj is set to take place from Aug 19 to 24.

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