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    Hilarious moment girl, 4, snatches her father’s phone on a yacht and launches it OVERBOARD after he kept talking when she wanted his attention

    This is the moment a rapper’s four-year-old daughter throws his smartphone into the sea to get him to pay attention to her. 
    Russian rapper Timati, 34, was speaking on the device when relaxing on a yacht in Saint-Tropez, on the French Riviera, while his daughter Alisa was trying to get his attention.
    She suddenly grabs the phone out of her father’s hand, turns around and launches it over the side of the boat
    The video has been viewed 5.7 million times, after Timati shared it with his 12.3 million followers on Instagram four days ago.
    Some viewers blamed the little girl’s parents for not bringing her up to be more respectful – while others thought the clip had been staged. 
    One said: ‘This child is out of order. Timati is the one to blame for bringing her up this way. Let him now enjoy the results’.
    Yet another commentator argued: ‘Seriously, why the cheap staged video?’, and others agreed: ‘That was certainly staged.’  
    Alisa is Timati’s daughter with his former girlfriend, glamour model and beauty queen, Alena Shishkova, 24.  

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