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    Chinese man swallows 87 nails in a fit of rage after arguing with his girlfriend

    A Chinese man who swallowed 87 nails and seven drawing pins after a suspected argument with his girlfriend has survived.
    Doctors from southern China’s Hunan Province extracted all 87 nails from the 25-year-old last Thursday.
    An X-ray of the man’s body showed a bundle of nail-shaped pieces located at the top of the patient’s torso, as well as a few ‘lose’ nails near his groin.
    The man was rushed to Chengzhou City No.1 People’s Hospital on August 8 after suffering from abdominal pain.
    While he initially claimed that the stomach cramps started after he accidentally ate a ‘steamed bun filled with nails’, doctors quickly realised it was more than a case of indigestion after taking an X-ray on the same night.
    Surgery to extract the nails took place the following evening and was completed in four hours. The surgeons managed to extract the 87 nails which were described as being 4-5 cm long each.
    The hospital extraction process was filmed and broadcast by Mango TV, which is under the same umbrella as Hunan TV. 
    The video shows doctors taking nails out of the body and dishing them onto a plate, while explaining how ‘stomach acid’ reacts with the metal to produce a strange odour.
    It is thought that the patient had been arguing with his girlfriend days before the incident, and that she had threatened to break up with him.
    According to Xiaoxiang Chenbao, a local Hunan newspaper, the young man left doctors a ‘farewell letter’ for his girlfriend, in case ‘they could not find his parents’. 
    He is currently recovering in the hospital’s intensive care unit having regained consciousness on August 10.
    One of the surgeons told the paper that the man also swallowed seven pins, six of which had already passed out of his body. 
    The remaining pin, located near the colon, should also pass through given its small size.

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