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    You can get paid to live in one of the USA’s prettiest states

    Imagine waking up in the morning, opening your curtains and being greeted by an epic landscape filled with forests, lakes, mountains and glaciers.
    And you’re being paid hundreds of pounds extra for the privilege.
    Well, that’s a reality for the citizens living in Alaska, as the US state pays its residents a dividend every year.
    Up to $1,100 each (approx £868) in fact.
    The Permanent Fund Dividend was set up back in 1982 so that Alaska’s residents could profit from the state’s oil revenues, and it’s been going ever since.
    To be eligible, you just need to be a permanent citizen of Alaska – there’s no catch.
    You’ll need to be living in the state at least 180 days of the year, and be able to prove you plan to stay there indefinitely, whether that’s through renting/buying a home, full-time employment etc.
    There are some instances where residents aren’t eligible, for example if they’ve been convicted of a crime, but generally once you’re a citizen you’re entitled to the dividend.
    It’s expected to go up to $1,600 for next year (approx £1261) – although you need to apply by September so if you’re tempted to move, you’ve missed the boat.
    The state won’t pay you to move there; you only touch the dividend once you’ve become a permanent citizen.
    Of course there’s plenty of temptation to make the big move, if only for the views and national parks alone.
    Alaska is renowned for offering spectacular landscapes from its dense green forests to the epic glaciers to be found in its Glacier Bay National Park.
    Meanwhile, keen hikers could take on a whole new challenge in the form of North America’s tallest mountain Denali and its surrounding national park which is home to countless breathtaking walking trails that look like something out of a film set.
    And don’t even get us started on the serene lakes to be found surrounded by heaps of lush vegetation, mountainous backdrops, and exotic wildlife.
    It looks like total bliss.
    Thinking about it as a serious option? You can find the full details on the official Alaska government website.

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