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    Why have ostrich swarms swept through the streets of an Australian city?

    Large numbers of ostriches poured into a remote city in the state of New South Wales at a time of severe drought in Australia.
    A local rescue agency explained that these birds, unable to fly, were seeking water and food at Broken Hill.
    “These birds are actually walking in our main street,” said Emma Singleton, a wildlife protection worker.
    At least five people were hit by cars last week, according to Reuters, but Singleton says the biggest worry is dogs attack the birds.
    Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced additional aid to farmers affected by the drought.
    It was officially announced on 8 August that the state of New South Wales, the most populous country that produces about a quarter of the country’s agricultural produce, was completely droughts.
    Singleton said the people were providing water and food for the ostrich.
    In an interview with ABC, she said her organization had two or three daily calls from people who were worried about the situation.

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