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    “Shatila Bakery….Finest Sweets in Town”

    “Shatila Bakery….Finest Sweets in Town” Sweets and desserts might be a meal that attracts young kids, but nowadays adults also like to eat sweets more than kids.
    The only bakery that sits on the throne of sweets in the city of Dearborn is “SHATILA BAKERY”.
    It is definitely known by the new generation as well as the older citizens in the area of tri-county area.
    “SHATILA BAKERY” is known for its high-quality sweets and desserts that has been an integral part of culture and tradition.
    It proudly represents the finest Middle Eastern sweets to the various cultures that come through their doors.
    The indoor environment is beautifully designed to gather friends and families with comfortable seating and space to accommodate everyone.
    The excellent customer service has kept revolving doors of happily returning customers for the finest sweets starting from Baklava, Kanafeh, Al- Maamoul, French cake, homemade Middle Eastern ice cream, and other famous western sweets.
    “SHATILA BAKERY” grew day by day to become a global company that transcends the borders of Canada and America and is also shipping its goods to the Middle East and Africa.
    Call (313) 582-1952



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