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    Former model has to undergo cosmetic surgery after she was bitten on the face by a dog she was patting in a Colorado restaurant

    A former model has been forced to undergo surgery after a dog she was patting at a Colorado restaurant jumped up and bit her on the face.
    Police initially released surveillance video of the August 7 attack in Arvada, just outside Denver, in a bid to find the dog’s owner who was filmed fleeing the restaurant just moments after the attack.
    The incident, which took place at the Rockabillies Bar and Grill, showed the black and white husky roaming around on the outdoor patio as various people patted it.
    In the moments prior to her being bitten, surveillance video captured the woman leaning in close to the dog as she patted its head.
    When she leaned back in a second time, the dog attacked and latched on to her face.
    The dog’s owner, who was sitting just feet away, was filmed jumping up to check on the woman.
    As other patrons tended to the injured woman, the owner scrambled to collect her belongings and fled the restaurant with the dog.   
    Police said the woman had to be treated in hospital for eye injuries and underwent plastic surgery to her face. 
    Doctors say the woman is expected to regain vision in her injured eye.   
    The owner of the bar told the Denver Channel that the victim was mostly concerned whether the dog had rabies and was relieved to learn police would be checking the animal for diseases.
    ‘No one knows because they don’t know if the dog is up to date on shots,’ Jim Nigg said.
    He added that they were told the dog was a foster animal. 
    We were told it was a foster dog,’ he said. ‘The girl that actually got bit was thinking about adopting the dog. I think she changed her mind.’
    Soon after the attack, police put out a plea to track down the owner of the dog.
    The woman went to the police station with a lawyer on Friday so investigators could inspect the dog and check whether its vaccinations were up to date.
    Authorities have not revealed if she is facing any charges as a result of the dog attack. 

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