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    Boy, 5, dies after mother locks him in car for two hours in 75F heat while she goes for job interview at fibreglass factory in Russia

    A five-year-old boy died of suffocation after being held by his mother in a locked car for two hours while she was on a job interview, the British Daily Mail reported.
    The temperature was 24 degrees Celsius, but Ulysia Jelitskova, 35, locked her car and windows, leaving the child tied in the boys’ seat. When she finished the interview and returned to her car in Stupino near # Moscow, her son Oleg Gusev was found dead.
    According to police, the mother was taken to hospital after finding her son’s body because of a nervous breakdown. An investigation was opened to hold the mother accountable for causing death by negligence. If convicted, she may face two years in prison.

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