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    Fire breaks out at Tesla’s factory in California

    The Tesla’s factory in California is heating up again — in all the wrong ways.
    A fire broke out at the electric car maker’s Fremont, Calif. factory Thursday evening, sending firefighters rushing to put out the small blaze.
    The fire engulfed the surrounding area in smoke, according to photos and videos posted by local news station KTVU.
    It appeared to damage a large tent-like structure, and Tesla was quick to note that it was not the same tent that was erected in June to create more assembly-line space at the factory.
    In a tweet responding to news reports on the fire, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that he was on the scene and no injuries or damage to the factory occurred. The fire was contained in about 30 minutes.
    “Cardboard being prepped for recycling along southern fence line caught fire,” Musk wrote. “Super appreciate fast response by Fremont fire dept!” Tesla’s Fremont factory houses roughly 10,000 employees, and is busy churning out Model 3 sedans at a rate of just over 5,000 vehicles per week.
    The company said in a statement that it is investigating the cause of the fire.
    Shares of Tesla were up 0.8 percent at $322.83 Friday morning.

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