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    Women Discovers Python Under The Bonnet Of Her Car

    A woman from Wisconsin discovered that her SUV was “running strangely,” following her instinct and just like what anybody would do in a situation like this she decided to open the hood of the car and investigate the matter. However, what she found inside took her by surprise as she was greeted by a huge snake that has coiled itself under the bonnet. And somebody had to call 911, just what she did without second thoughts of course. The woman in distress dialed Omro Police Department for help and two officials arrived at the scene to assist her. 
    The incident gained limelight after the Omro Police Department took to its social media account and reported it from the spot. They wrote, “We are still on the scene waiting for the slithering serpent to be freed.”Officer Peeters from Omro and Lieutenant Sauriol from Winneconne reached the spot and attempted to remove the snake after the Police department received a call from the motorist on Wednesday at around 6.50 pm. However, after several failed attempts, the officials finally had to call a snake catcher to relocate the large snake. The huge reptile that was resting in the engine compartment was later identified as a ball python.
    “The snake has been identified as a Ball Python (originally thought to be Burmese). It worked its way between the engine and the skid plate,” the Omro Police Department wrote in their Facebook post. However, they were not very sure of the claim. 
    “Omro and Lieutenant Sauriol from Winneconne attempted to get the snake out. Lt Sauriol had a good grasp on it, but they are incredibly strong! Winnebago County Dispatch was able to reach someone in Menasha who specializes in snakes,” the Police department stated further. 
    Finally, the 4-foot python was rescued by snake rescuer Steve Keller, who drove all the way from Menasha to get the reptile out. It was later discovered to be a pet snake that escaped from home. Since keeping exotic animals as pets is illegal in the state, it was not returned to the owner. However, Steve, who reportedly conducts educational programs and adoption services for snakes, took custody of the python. 
    The police department further confirmed that the snake is unharmed and healthy following the rescue operation. However, it seemed to be a bit tired and scared. Meanwhile, the Facebook post with the photos of the python has gone viral. The post has been shared over 2,000 times and netizens are freaking out with the idea of discovering a snake in the car. 
    “How the hell would that kind of snake be in there? Any snake, I don’t care. I know, the warmth but seriously!!! Geez, soon as I opened that hood I would have screamed my butt off and ran!! Thank god those cops handled it!!!” wrote one user.
    Hoping the snake finds its way back home, another user wrote, “Poor thing must have an owner somewhere. Hope they can find him.” 

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