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    Wonders Without Borders .. A dog is waiting for a 19-day companion

    A dog, in the United States of America, was waiting for him at the scene of her death, for about three weeks.
    Fox News reported the details of the story, which highlighted the crash of a car about 200 meters high on a bumpy mountain road, where a woman named Jennifer Or died 47 and her 21-year-old daughter, who was beside her in the car, The back seat sat that loyal dog.
    The daughter Samantha recounted the tragic incident when a stone fell on her car, her mother and the dog. Her mother ran the car wheel vigorously to avoid the stone, causing the car to fall from a high place. The mother died instantly at the scene and the daughter was taken to the hospital and treated for the wounds she sustained. The dog in the back seat had disappeared since the day of the accident, according to Samantha.
    Samantha said that after she got out of hospital and performed her mother’s funeral, she began looking for a dog in the mountains and posted a notice asking the locals to help her find the bitch.
    Nineteen days later, Samantha found the dog (Bentley) at the scene and took him to her home. The girl also said that the dog was never injured but was suffering from dehydration when she found him.

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