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    Arrival of an American atomic submarine to the Mediterranean

    The American submarine Newport News reached the waters of the Meditearranean, arriving through the Strait of Gibraltar, a Los Angeles-type missile carrying Tomahawk winged missiles. 
    According to the Gibraltar Chronicle, the submarine was spotted in the port area of ​​Gibraltar on Thursday night and the Spanish customs boat tried to approach it, but Gibraltar police intercepted it and prevented it from approaching. 
    The Pentagon confirmed the arrival of the submarine to Gibraltar and noted that “the visit is technical and planned in advance.” 
    Earlier, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashnikov, said that according to independent sources, the terrorist group is preparing “Sham Liberation Organization” to fabricate a chemical attack in Idlib and accuse the Syrian army of being behind it. 
    He added that the Western coalition led by Washington, plans to use this provocation as a pretext to strike targets and sites belonging to the Syrian government.
    The Sullivans, with 56 winged missiles, arrived at the Gulf area a few days ago. They were stationed at the US Air Force Base in Qatar and a strategic B-1B launcher with 24 AG-158 air-to-surface missiles. JASSM. 
    The US Defense Department denied strengthening its strike group in the eastern Mediterranean, but said it was “ready to act” if it received the order.

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