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    The US retail giant Amazon is approaching $ 1 billion

    The US retail giant Amazon has made a quantum leap in recent years and is heading for its biggest gain in four months, with only $ 24 billion of its $ 1 trillion market cap.
    Amazon shares closed on Thursday at $ 2002.38, up 0.21 percent, to $ 976.64 billion, close to the $ 1 trillion that Apple had earlier this month to be the first company to record this level. in history.
    The rally was supported by positive reports from Morgan Stanley, which said in a letter to its customers that it had confidence that Amazon’s fast-growing revenues would post more than expected earnings.
    Amazon shares rose from $ 376.69 in early 2014 to $ 2,000, a five-fold increase, adding $ 800 billion to Amazon’s market value.
    As the stock rose, Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, jumped to $ 163.9 billion, according to Forbes.

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