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    EYE POPPING Supermarket caught sticking googly eyes on fish to make them look fresher

    A SUPERMARKET in Kuwait has been shut down after its owners were caught sticking googly eyes on their fish to make them look fresher to customers.
    Kuwaiti police shut down the fish store on Saturday, the Al Bayan newspaper reported after they shared hilarious images of the “fresh fish”.
    One of the pictures posted online showed the fake eye slipping off the fish’s face, clearly revealing a much more yellow eye underneath.
    As a joke, a fish company in Kuwait announced it was selling “fish without cosmetics”, alongside a picture of a fish and a selection of different coloured contact lenses.
    Social media users quickly mocked the shop owner’s attempt to get away with selling old fish with a series of hilarious memes that went viral.
    Twitter users tweeted a series of memes making fun of the googly eyed fish.
    Mohammed El Dahshan tweeted: “Kuwaiti police has shut down a fish store that was sticking googly eyes on fish to make them appear more fresh than they are. 🙂 via Al Bayan newspaper” which got over 117k likes and over 62.5k retweets.
    Ashley Feinberg, another verified user, quoted the above tweet saying “my strongest-held belief is that extremely creative crimes that don’t involve maiming another person should be allowed.”
    Some Twitter users took advantage of the situation to be punny.
    M’BlockU, a verified user, quoted at El Dahshan’s tweet: “Well this certainly looks fishy. I hope they go to court and are found gill-ty.’

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