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    In Ukraine they have raised the largest watermelon in the world

    This is stated in a message posted on the page of Cultural Diplomacy of Ukraine of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Facebook.
    – The largest berry in the world. Such watermelons will give birth to the generous land of the Kherson region, the message says.
     Watermelon has unfortunately not grown by Ukrainian farmers. In fact, the berry comes from Azerbaijan and this variety comes from the US and is called Carolina Cross.
    According to the Guinness Book of Records, one of the largest watermelons was grown in the United States in 2005. His weight was 122 kg. To register the record, they could not even take it to the scale, but they had to drive on a small car.
    Yet the Americans did not stop there. A new record was set in 2013. Then Louisiana lifted a gigantic fruit, the weight of which was 156 kg. Officially, this watermelon is recognized as the largest in the world.
    Besides, the seeds of watermelon contain substances, which prevent the formation of metastases and promote the encapsulation of cancer cells.

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