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    The executor of the terrorist act in new York charged with

    The initial document was submitted to a Federal judge to a magistrate the next day after the tragedy and came from the pen of the FBI investigator amber Tyree, which is in new York in the joint task force for combating terrorism.
    This document, called a “complaint” (complaint) and serves as the basis for issuing court orders for the arrest of the accused. The magistrate judge found the complaint, in which Saipov was accused of killing at least eight people and causing injuries to 12 others, convincing enough and signed the warrant.
    The indictment in the case of 29-year-old Saipov, approved by a Grand jury Tuesday, has 22 points and occupies 17 pages . He is accused of eight murders, for which he faces a maximum of life imprisonment or the death penalty, attempted murder 12 people (up to 10 years in prison for each), aiding the group “Islamic state” (to life imprisonment) and “violent and devastating act of using the road” (life sentence or the death penalty).
    Route Saipov
    The indictment compiled by the Federal Prosecutor of the southern district, alleges that at approximately 2 p.m. on October 31 Saipov was in a rental in the city of Passaic in new Jersey and rented a light-duty pickup without a body, saying he’d be back in 75 minutes.
    In 3 hours it moved to new York city via the George Washington bridge connecting new Jersey with Manhattan North, and headed South on the freeway along the Hudson. When they reached Houston street, Saipov moved to Bicycle and pedestrian trail and ran South, into the path of cyclists and pedestrians.
    After a few blocks, he crashed at the corner of West street and chambers street in the school bus and stopped. Last Sunday I visited this intersection and found that the police put on the road white concrete blocks, which make the repetition of such incident is unlikely.
    Saipov jumped out of the truck, holding some items, like weapons, and black bag. He shouted on the go “Allah Akbar!”. The items turned out to be a marker for paintball, and a pneumatic pistol, a bag police later found three knives and a Florida driver’s license in the name of Alisher Saipov.

    After he was wounded by police and detained on the floor of the pickup truck were found two mobile phone and a Taser. Three meters from the door of the cabin the police found on the pavement of the document with Arabic and English text. Arabic text, among other things, contained the phrase “there is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet.”

    After the arrest Saipov was taken to the city hospital of Bellevue, which usually bring to the medical examination of new prisoners. He willingly agreed to talk with investigators without an attorney and asked that he be allowed to post in the house flag of ISIS and also said he was pleased with the offense.

    The contents of the phone

    He said that his inspiration for hitting the ISIS video that he was looking at his phone. He began to plan a terrorist attack in the United States about a year ago. Two months ago, he decided to use a freight transport, to hit as many people as possible. On October 22, he rented a truck to work out the twists.

    Saipov chose to attack the guards in the hope that the festival on the streets will be more people. At first he planned to crush the people in the area of West street, and then to go on the Brooklyn bridge with its pedestrian walkways. He was also going to post on the pickup flags of the IG, but decided against it, as I didn’t want to attract attention.

    After receiving from the judge a warrant to search mobile phones Saipov, the FBI discovered that one of them contains about 90 videos of the IG. Normal repertoire: one of them crushed the militants prisoner a tank on the other and shoot the prisoner in the face, and the third shows how to make a bomb at home.

    The same phone contained approximately 3,800 images from the libraries of terrorist propaganda: numerous photos of the ISIS flag, portraits of the leader of the group Abu Bakr Baghdadi and the fighter next to the corpse shot.

    In the second cell, the FBI found the story Saipov searches on the Internet. On 4 October he was looking for rentals in Passaic, October 15 — where to celebrate Halloween in new York city, October 18 — where to rent a pickup truck without the body of the brand’s Load ‘N Go.

    Currently Saipov is no longer in the hospital and at the Manhattan Federal jail MCC, which is located across the street from the court.



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