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    The Weekly Meeting Of Al-Wafa Friends At The Islamic Center

    The weekly meeting of Al-Wafa Friends was held at the breakfast brunch at the Islamic Center, Dearborn. This week’s host was Hajj Adnan Hammoud. The guests of honor for this week were The new Consul General of Iraq Dr Mostapha Ahmad Mostapha along with his accompanying delegation.

    Dr. Nassib Fawaz, President of the Lebanese Expatriate Council, Council Dr. Ali Ajami, Head of Judges Judge Sam Salame, Mr Abdellah Hammoud Dearborn State Representative , Dr.Saheb Dahab the founder of the Literary Salon, Dr. Yaakoub Mansour, the business man Shaker Aoun ,and the vice president of Arab and Chaldean Council Mr. Yabin Youn,Nour Dean Saab the head of the Board of Trustees of the Islamic Center, and a group of community members in Dearborn, Michigan.

    There were a number of speeches including the host Hajj Adnan Hammoud and Mr. Zuhair Alawiya presented the meeting, Mr. Hasan Bazzi Abo Nader ,Council Dr. Ali Ajami, and the Consul General of Iraq Dr. Mostapha Ahmad Mostapha ,and the conclusion was held with the zajal poet Mr. Imad Zain Shuaib.
    The Lebanese Expatriate Council and Khalan Al-Wafa presented the awards of appreciation and gratitude for the great role and efforts of Consul General of Iraq Dr Mostapha and his diplomatic staff at the Iraqi consulate in Detroit for their service to members of the Iraq community especially and to the Arab public in Detroit.



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