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    The Dutchman accidentally bought a painting by Hitler for 75 cents

    The Netherlands Institute for war documentation presented the watercolour by Adolf Hitler, bought at a flea market. This writes Lenta.ru with reference to the newspaper de Volkskrant on Saturday, November 25.
    The picture is called “Old town hall” depicts a street in Vienna. The buyer is a resident of the Netherlands, acquired it for 75 cents. On the canvas was signed “A. Hitler”, but he noticed it only at home. His daughter did not want to leave the job of the Fuhrer himself, and tried to sell it, but two of the Dutch auction house refused to exhibit the painting at the auction.
    Then she took it to College, where, in particular, studied the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. When the woman asked for anonymity.
    After research that lasted several months, experts have confirmed that the watercolor work really belongs to the brush of Hitler. According to the teacher Institute, the future Fuhrer was earning his living by painting postcards in the period from 1909 to 1913, while living in Vienna. It is noted that this is the only work of Hitler, found on the territory of the Netherlands.
    Only Hitler created about three thousand watercolor paintings in that period. Of them there are about 800, most of the paintings are kept in private collections in Austria, Germany, UK and USA.


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