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    Lebanon’s PM retracts his resignation and says his government vows to ‘stay out of regional conflicts’ after ‘he was held against his will by Saudi Arabia’

    Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has formally rescinded his resignation.
    He announced his decision after Lebanon’s first Cabinet meeting since he stepped down in a shock broadcast from Saudi Arabia on 4 November.
    Hariri also said all parties in his coalition government will commit to a ‘dissociation’ policy to stay out of conflicts affecting the Middle East. 

    ‘All (the government’s) political components decide to dissociate themselves from all conflicts, disputes, wars or the internal affairs of brother Arab countries, in order to preserve Lebanon’s economic and political relations,’ Hariri said. 

    The Lebanese government said: ‘The cabinet thanks its leader for his position and for revoking his resignation.’

    Hariri will attend talks in Paris on Friday with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

    ‘The aim is to support the political process (in Lebanon) at a crucial moment,’ the French foreign ministry said, minutes after Hariri announced he had rescinded his resignation.


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