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    Armed Gunman Screaming About ‘Lizard People’ Arrested in Washington

    Police in Eatonville, Washington arrested a rifle-wielding man who screamed about the arrival of “lizard people” last weekend.
    It is unclear if the man was referring to Hillary Clinton.
    A man waving around an AK-47 was detained by police after stopping traffic late Saturday, November 29. Pierce County Sheriff’s Department described the man, who remains unnamed, as a 54-year-old. Following his detainment, police admitted the intoxicated man to an area hospital for a two-week mental health evaluation.
    According to police, a bystander called 911 around 8 p.m. on Saturday to report that a man had exited his SUV in the middle of the intersection of Pacific Avenue South and 108th Street South wielding a rifle. Washington State Patrol troopers responding to the scene say they found the man waving around an AK-47 as well as a .357 revolver.
    The Olympian reports that sheriff’s deputies met up with the troopers before approaching the man with seven marked police cars. Police then ordered the man who place his firearms on the ground.
    As he complied with their request, he started screaming about “sending in the news” about “lizard people.” When police attempted to arrest the man, he resisted and continued to scream until two police officers were forced to use their Tasers to subdue him.
    Police say that the man told the arresting deputy that he “snorted methamphetamine to lose weight,” and that he was on a prescription for morphine.
    The officer who searched his vehicle recovered 170 rounds of ammunition loaded into six magazines, as well as a baseball bat.

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