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    Tips for decorating publishes warmth

    Some decorations offer a warm atmosphere in homes during the winter, as people usually stay in their homes as long as possible due to the cold weather. The decoration designer, Sufian Nimri, said that in winter home decorations in the usual use of dark colors, specifically the colors of dirt and brown and derivatives, according to «Live Astel». Al-Nimri confirmed that he tries to use the white in the decorations that he designs using fur and white feathers to decorate some pieces. He said that candles are important decoration in the houses, because they are simple and inexpensive, and can be added to highlight the beauty in winter, .
    He pointed out that he preferred to use natural wood, cinnamon sticks and pine nuts, because they give a touch of natural beauty, in addition to being a source of a pleasant natural smell that suggests the beauty of the winter, and can also use some art pieces and paintings also to broadcast a warm spirit throughout the house, The paintings are of striking colors. As for lighting in the winter, among the Tigers most people prefer low lights such as yellow, as side lights are not major, or to decorate the firewood, some pine branches are used with awnings and add some family photos because such kind of heaters are usually in the middle of the house .
    “The simplicity of using decors gives special elegance and the use of natural elements in the decoration increases the beauty around the house, so I rely on what is less expensive and more beauty,” he said.

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