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    Inspire your home decor from this picture .. Here’s the secret

    In this picture, a harmonious and homogeneous color group of the desert nature and its calm atmosphere. Decorative experts point out that the beige, brown and havan grades provide a kind of comfort and tranquility to the person in the room, which is linked to the pure and quiet nature of Egypt, Com ». This color group can be used in: Guest Area (Salon) Dining Area (Dining Room)
    From left to right:
    Degree 1: is a light degree of something that should be used in the walls, will give a sense of the breadth of the place.
    Degree 2: It is a quiet grade that can be used in a wall of the room or canvas in the living room.
    Degree 3: Darkness is something that should be used in furniture.
    Degree 4: A basic grade in the use of its importance in this color group, which will give the spirit of the place because it is inclined to yellow, it can be used in chairs and chairs in the living room, accessories, curtains and carpets.
    Degree 5: A complementary grade that can be in the grade of wood used or in the floor.

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