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    Does 3D give better results in breast cancer detection?

    Early detection of breast cancer is still in the hands of physicians. In this context, the feasibility of moving to the three-dimensional “mammogram” technique is being studied in the United States instead of the current two-dimensional technique. The study, funded by the National Cancer Institute, will focus on comparing the traditional mammogram with a new three-dimensional version to see if this new and more expensive version improves breast screening and detection in its early stages.
    The two-dimensional mammogram technique currently used, according to doctors, has helped a lot over the years to early detection of cancer, but a three-dimensional mammogram examination means that the camera scans the breast in full will allow to see the breast from different angles and dimensions. However, the use of the three-dimensional mammogram has disadvantages that make some specialists reluctant to generalize its use. The new study is expected to involve some 165,000 women aged between 45 and 74 years.

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