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    Practical ideas for cleaning personal tools

    The task of cleaning may be tedious and exhausting for many, so try to clean your things first, they are very susceptible to dust and bacteria, leaving them clean for a long time may increase the trouble of cleaning. Use the following steps to get practical ideas for cleaning personal tools.
    1. Bed cover:  You should clean your bed sheets and pillows at least once a week to avoid the transfer of bacteria, oils and dirt during sleep, especially if you are a person who bathe before bedtime, the hair preparations you use will accumulate on the pillow, which may cause irritation.
    2. Towels :Millions of dead skin cells accumulate on towels, so it is best to wash them after three uses. You should avoid using a sun towel so that no infection or bacteria is transmitted. As for the face towel, it is preferable to wash it immediately after use to avoid the spread of bacteria in the pores.
    3 – Makeup brushes :Your daily use of makeup brushes makes it a home for bacteria and oils, which can lead to many problems for your skin. To avoid this, the best way is to wash your makeup brushes with a special solution once a month, sterilize them once a week. Six months at most.
    4. Shoes:  You should wash the shoes regularly in the washing machine, make sure to dry them well before you wear them, and if you wear the shoe more than once a week, you can do without after four months.
    5- Garbage can:  Every day, clean the garbage bin and get rid of the garbage in it. Use the disinfectant to wipe it once a week. After you clean the garbage, wash your hands well as it is home to millions of bacteria and invisible bacteria.


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