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    Lawyer Mr. Hamid Jamal Dakroub Honorary Ceremony by The Lebanese Expatriate Council and with the participation of Khilan Al-Wafa

    The Lebanese Expatriate Council, headed by Dr. Nassib Fawaz and with the participation of Khilan Al-Wafa, held an honorary ceremony in honor of the Doctor in Law and the activist in the legal, scientific, social and religious fields in the community, and the black belt taekwondo master Lawyer Mr. Hamid Jamal Dakroub in recognition of his constructive efforts and outstanding social and professional work. Mr. Dakroub is also an active member of the Board of Trustees, Chairman of the Committee of Youth and Young Women in the Islamic Center, and his great victory in the Michigan and Midwest Championship in Taekwondo and winning the gold medal and the presence of the female sector along with the presence of several community members.
    The ceremony was initiated by a welcome word from haj Ramez Bazzi conveyed by the master of ceremony Mr. Zuheir Alawi, the head of Judges in the city of Dearborn judge Salim Salameh, a word from Dr. Nassib Fawaz and concluded by a word from the guest of honor Mr. Hamid Jamal dakroub.

    Dr. Naseeb Fawaz presented a shield of appreciation and love in the name of the Lebanese expatriate council, and Ambassador Dr. Ali Ajami the Shield of Khilan Al-Wafaa. Also Haj Ramez Bazzi awarded the victory trophy to the celebrated Mr. Hamid Dakroub.


    Ismail Jomaa/ Dearborn.org

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