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    Important elections in Alabama Tuesday

    We’d like to turn now to politics, especially to that closely-watched special election in Alabama on Tuesday, where voters will decide whether Republican Roy Moore or Democrat Doug Jones will fill their U.S. Senate vacancy. Moore, of course, has been accused of sexual misconduct involving minors, and the polls show the race is unusually close for Alabama, where Donald Trump was the overwhelming favorite in the 2016 presidential race. And as the race has gotten more competitive, President Trump has doubled down on his endorsement for Moore, and the Republican National Committee, having pulled its support for Moore after the allegations first surfaced, decided to get back in.
    And all of this is causing something of a crisis of conscience, strategy and maybe even identity for conservative Republicans who have been debating deep questions of morality alongside questions of what Moore means to the Republican brand. Today, for example, Senator Richard Shelby, the senior Republican Senator from Alabama, told CNN that he could not vote for Moore.

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