She bled for 8 hours... Liposuction in a beauty center shook Jordan!!

11 November, 2022
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She bled for 8 hours... Liposuction in a beauty center shook Jordan!!

Despite repeated warnings from the Jordanian Ministry of Health and the Medical Syndicate, an Arab woman fell into the trap of plastic surgery by an unlicensed center, to perform this type of surgery.

A woman of Arab nationality was transferred from a private clinic for general medicine to a private hospital in a serious condition, after an operation she had in a cosmetic center for liposuction, during which she bled for 8 hours.

As soon as the news reached the competent authorities in Jordan, the Ministry of Health and the cadres of the Directorate of Licensing of Professions and Institutions, in addition to a number of authorities, raided the place of the operation.

It turned out to be a beauty center "salon", where the statements of the patient in the hospital matched what was seized inside the center. sources indicated that the Arab woman was presented to a cosmetic center in West Amman, where she underwent a plastic surgery to remove liposuction from a completely unspecialized woman, and she bled for 8 hours, which led to a drop in her blood circulation.

She was then transferred to a private hospital in Amman, where she was admitted to the intensive care unit in a critical condition.

According to the investigations, the salon owner impersonated a doctor and performed the operation without obtaining the necessary licenses.

For his part, the head of the Jordanian Society for Plastic Surgery, Dr. Omar Al-Shobaki, told that the operation was carried out in a women's salon closer to the specialized clinic, and by claiming that she is a dermatologist and beautician, which was denied by the records of the Jordanian Medical Association. He added that the victim saw the advertisement on social media, and as a result, she contacted her to perform liposuction under local anesthesia.

He also explained that the operation lasted about 8 hours, stressing that it is an illogical time for such operations, which normally take two hours.

Al-Shobaki said that there is a great demand for plastic surgery in Jordan, especially with regard to medical tourism, which includes a large proportion of non-Jordanians, stressing that deterrent penalties should be imposed by the Ministry of Health and the Judiciary to hold the negligent accountable.

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