One makeup product that keeps you radiant despite your busyness

4 August, 2022
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One makeup product that keeps you radiant despite your busyness

For every new mom who doesn't find time to apply natural makeup steps every day, read this article and get smart hacks that keep you glowing in 5 seconds by using just one makeup product.

One makeup product that keeps you radiant.

Use red lipstick, choose it in red, because you can reduce its color to reach the degree of light pink, and apply it according to the following tricks:

Lip make-up: As is well known, the rouge is applied to the lips. I advise you to put a little of it on your lips and adopt the technique of patting or wiping with tissues, to maintain a bright natural look.

Eye make-up: It is not true that lipstick is limited to lip make-up! You can also apply it in place of eyeshadow, by applying a little on the eyelids and lathering with your finger.

Cheeks makeup:  With a withy with rosy cheeks, you can apply lipstick.

Nose make-up: It has been popular lately to apply a little blush to the nose, so use lipstick as on the cheeks and apply it in a circular motion on your nose.

Tips for using lipstick

In order to be able to use this product in the application of a full-fledged make-up, I advise you to:

Apply it to your eyes, cheeks, nose and lips by lathering or patting your finger

Keep a wet tissue with you to remove the remnants from your fingers

Do not overdo it, but a little of it makes you shine

Choose it with a creamy formula that dries quickly.

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