3 million German children are below the poverty

5 September, 2022
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3 million German children are below the  poverty

Germany is one of the countries with the most important economies in the world, but despite this, the recent policy choices taken by its government in conjunction with global events during the past few years have negatively affected the German export-based economy.

Currently, nearly 3 million children live in Germany in poor families, whose suffering has been exacerbated by the high cost of living and its burden on parents.

 In an interview with Anadolu Agency, Bernd Sigelko, founder of the "Archie" charity for children, revealed that "the number of families applying for support to the foundation is steadily increasing."

"The association supports thousands of poor families and their children in Germany, as it helps meet the basic needs of children, and provides hot and cooked meals, in addition to educational support," he said.

"Many families are coming to the association for support," Sigelko said, expressing regret over "the government's inaction and not doing enough to address the problem."

"The authorities should act immediately, and not wait until next year, but it seems that no one will do anything until one of the children in Germany dies of starvation," he added.

He pointed out that "there is not enough support for the poor in Germany," adding that "food banks are no longer accepting more people."

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