A button on Instagram that allows users to express their "disinterest" in specific posts

9 September, 2022
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A button on Instagram that allows users to express their "disinterest" in specific posts

In a recent blog post, Meta said that Instagram is changing its recommendations algorithm, which will provide a better experience for users browsing the application.

The social media giant announced this week that it is testing an 'Disinterested' button along with other ways to help users customize the type of content they want to see in their 'feeds' (or feeds, the page where users share videos and photos across the app). versus what Instagram's algorithms want them to see.

The company indicated that it is testing the ability to mark multiple posts on the Explore page of the app as "not of interest" to the user.

"We will immediately hide these posts and refrain from displaying similar content in the future," Meta said in a blog post. The social media app will allow users to fine-tune the algorithm by providing an option to determine if a proposed post does not interest them.

After you see the latest posts from the accounts you follow, the Instagram app suggests posts when you scroll through your Instagram Feed. These suggestions are based on the people you follow and the posts you've interacted with.

Suggestions also depend on how popular the post is, how others interact on Instagram, when or where it was posted, and how many times people have interacted with that account in the past few weeks. To hide a suggested Instagram post:

On both Android and iPhone:

Click on the three dots at the top of the post and select Not interested. You can also hide a suggested post by clicking the "x" at the top of the post.

At the bottom, the Post Hidden feature will appear, and you can choose to stop seeing similar suggested posts in the feed or postpone all suggested posts in the feed for 30 days. Instagram also gives you the option to “This post made me uncomfortable” and you can report the event by clicking Report and following the onscreen instructions.

Your response will be reflected in future suggestions in the feed.

The app also has plans to start testing the ability to tell Instagram that you don't want to see suggested posts that contain certain words, phrases or emoji in the caption or hashtags.

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