A child cleverly escaped a woman who tried to kidnap him

20 November, 2022
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A child cleverly escaped a woman who tried to kidnap him

An American woman pursued a ten-year-old boy in order to kidnap him on his way home, after leaving school, according to the Daily Mail.

In the details, Sami Green, a fourth-grade student from Pottstown, Pennsylvania, was on his way home after leaving school last Friday, when a woman tried to seduce him by offering to buy him food from a small store, telling him, " I'm going to Wawa, are you going to Wawa? What will you get from Wawa?" Then I asked him, "Where is your family?"

Sami explained that he knew something was wrong and started to feel uncomfortable. "I was scared and shaking, so I was thinking of something really quick," he said.

Then, he remembered what his father had taught him: "If you feel that someone is following you, do not trust them, but only act casually, and turn to any adult in front of you." Sami ran into Danny B Funky, walked over to the counter, and whispered to the cashier, 17-year-old Hannah Daniels, that the woman, who had been outside, had been following him for a while, and that he wanted to pretend Hannah was his mother to her.

Surveillance footage shows a woman walking alongside Sami on the sidewalk, moments before he entered the store.

The woman continued to keep the door open while he walked to the cashier, who acted quickly, placing herself between Sami and the woman who was still opening the door, so the woman went and Hana closed the door quickly. 

Sammy's father, Sam Green, has been candid about how difficult it is for him to watch the surveillance footage of his monitored son.

The woman was then located over the weekend by the Pottstown Police Department, and she was referred for mental health help.

The Green family did not press charges against the woman, given her medical condition.

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