A joke on "Tik Tok" topples the vice president of Apple (video)

30 September, 2022
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A joke on "Tik Tok" topples the vice president of Apple (video)

Apple executive vice president Tony Blevins has been fired after a video of him went viral on the TikTok platform that included a vulgar comment about women while he was at a car show, according to Bloomberg.

The agency indicated that the company took the decision against Blevins, after receiving dozens of reports and complaints from hundreds of employees, regarding a video uploaded on September 5, in which he joked about fondling “large-breasted women” for a living.

The video, posted by activist Daniel Mack, when he was walking around asking owners of expensive cars about their profession, found the 55-year-old Blevins, while parking his "Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren" that costs 500,000 dollars. Asked Mac, Apple's executive vice president, what he does for a living, Blevins joked, "I have an expensive car, I play golf and love big-breasted women, but I take weekends and major holidays."

And Bloomberg quoted informed sources as saying that some Apple employees informed human resources about the video, and the topic has become a subject of discussion in recent weeks.

Sources indicated that CEO Tim Cook and COO Jeff Williams were among those angered by the prank.

The video was taken on August 18, at a car show attended by Blevins in Pebble Beach, California. 

The agency explained that Blevins appears to have quoted him from the 1981 movie Arthur, in which the titular character describes her career as follows: "I race cars, play tennis, and love women, but I have a weekend and I'm my own boss."

In the context, Blevins, who worked for the tech giant for 22 years, confirmed that he was fired due to the incident and offered an apology for his actions.

The official recently held the position of vice president of purchasing at Apple, where his salary was estimated between $273,000 and $377,000.

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