A new modification from “Instagram” to combat copying and aggregation of content

21 April, 2022
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A new modification from “Instagram” to combat copying and aggregation of content

Instagram continues to introduce new features that allow the user to experience a unique and more enjoyable experience on the world's most popular photo application.

The phenomenon of copying and compiling content from accounts and others is spreading in Instagram, like other social media applications, which prompted the company owned by “Meta” to work on a new amendment that combats this phenomenon.

Instagram announced that it is currently working on modifying the classification algorithm for its digital platform, as part of the company's efforts to highlight more original content to combat accounts that only aggregate content from other accounts.

A company spokesperson said, “We are making changes to our rating algorithms to give more priority to distributing original content rather than reposted content in places like Reels videos or the Feed.”

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, said in a video he posted on his personal account that “the new edit focuses specifically on the idea of ​​originality... If you create something from scratch, you should get more credit than if you re-share something I found it from someone else."

"We will do more to try to evaluate the original content more, especially compared to republished content," Mosseri added.

In the same context, the company made it clear that it will not recommend re-publishing Reels clips that are already on the platform, in addition to not recommending personal accounts that contain the content of other users, stressing that it is important that the balance, distribution and monetization go to the real content creator.

“As we are more inclined towards recommendations, it is becoming increasingly important not to overvalue content aggregators (people who rely on third party content), because that will be bad for the creators, and therefore also hurt Instagram in the long run,” Mosseri said in a tweet. Pointing out that “the app is filled with famous memes that are reposted over and over again to receive millions of shares and views." But he explained that “the new amendment means that these accounts may not get the same reach that they currently enjoy, as the platform works to highlight the original manufacturer instead.”

On the other hand, Mosseri touched on another feature, which is “Product Tagging”, where the company announced a few days ago that the feature will be expanded to all users in the US who have public accounts instead of just content creators, and brands.


He stated that “all users in the US will now be able to tag products from companies that are set up for Instagram Shopping.”


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