A study warns..Sleeping in the light of the TV threatens your life..

30 June, 2022
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A study warns..Sleeping in the light of the TV threatens your life..

Many people may find comfort in sleeping in the light of the TV, but it seems that this habit has great risks, and may even lead to an early death, according to a recent American study.

Researchers at Northwestern University School of Medicine studied the effect of ambient light on the health and sleep habits of 552 people aged 63 to 84. They found that those who slept with even the slightest illumination were more likely to develop diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure, according to the New York Post.

"People should do their best to avoid or reduce the amount of light they are exposed to while sleeping," the study's lead researcher, Phyllis Zee, told CNN. Insulin resistance

According to the study, insulin resistance is more likely to occur in the morning, after people sleep in a room with dim lighting, such as that emitted by a television set.

It is noteworthy that insulin resistance - where muscle cells, fat and liver do not respond properly to this hormone - is usually associated with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, according to the American Family Physician.

The data showed that 17.8% of the participants in the study, who slept with ambient light (ie, emitted from the TV) at night suffering from diabetes, compared to only 9.8%, who slept in the dark normally. Cardiovascular disorders

Meanwhile, 40.7% of participants who slept in ambient light were obese, compared to just over a quarter of participants, or 26.7%, who slept in the dark as normal.

The study also revealed some other disturbing facts that link light to health problems. Those who slept in the ambient light were more likely to stay awake later, then fall asleep the next day.

And it's not just TVs that sleep experts are warning about - smartphones are also a distraction at night.

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