A thriving sector despite the crises and challenges in Lebanon!

1 August, 2022
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A thriving sector despite the crises and challenges in Lebanon!

Several sectors in Lebanon are suffering as a result of the economic and living crisis, some of them are on the verge of bankruptcy. In the midst of what is happening, engagement parties, weddings and occasions increase this summer, and chocolate is the basis for it, so there are no engagement and wedding parties without it.

A party organizer and a chocolate seller in Lebanon confirmed that the chocolate events sale sector suffers like other sectors in the country, as its storage is very difficult due to the load-shedding and generators, and its cost has increased, therefore it is obvious that prices will rise for the consumer.

She pointed out that the Lebanese have no purchasing power to buy a large amount of it in events , so instead of a kilo, a person asks for only half a kilo, as much as needed.

She pointed out that there are a lot of celebrations in Lebanon this summer, despite the Lebanese fear of the future and what awaits them from a worse situation, they prefer to organize wedding parties, and therefore buy chocolate, so there is prosperity in this sector during the current season, despite the crises, obstacles and difficulties that confront the shop owners.